LOCA Foods, Inc is a food and lifestyle company offering guidance, support, education, and community to those living with food and/or environmental intolerances. It’s practical knowledge and inspiration from people who are living the same reality.
Eating a certain way for your health isn’t just a recommendation, it’s the original medicine. While today’s medicines seek to cure or mask an ailment, using food as your prescription allows your body to heal and perform at its optimal function.
LOCA Foods, Inc imagines a world where everyone has access to the food that makes them their healthiest self. With that in mind, we strive to educate all people on the advantages of eating the food their body not only craves, but depends upon for their health and wellness.
  • Discover a supportive community of like-minded individuals, seeking their healthiest selves and empowering others to do the same by sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  • Discover delicious foods and recipes alongside simple products that make you feel like yourself again.
  • Discover a healthier life through making informed, empowered decisions about what you’re putting in, on, and around your body.