Make A #FoodCard

One of the easiest ways to quickly and clearly express your allergies/sensitivities to another person is through a #foodcard. It is the a great way to answer the question you are asked oh so often. What are your allergies?

"Whether visiting friends, dining out, or heading on vacation nothing made it easier to translate my health issues than handing people my allergen "business card'." -Anthony Lo Cascio

Make your own Food Allergy card


"Having a #FoodBag (and bringing it literally every time I leave my house for more than an hour) changed my life. It relieved stress and I am never caught without the nourishment I need, free of the allergens that make me react." -Staci Lo Cascio

Make your own #FoodBag. Reform your lifestyle. Be in charge of what food is available to you at all times. Can't find something safe to eat? Don't stress! Just hit up your personalized #FoodBag.

Make your #FoodBag

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Shop Anthony's Goods

Using top quality products makes a big difference in your health when food is your prescription. It also makes a big difference in the deliciousness of your final product.

We use Anthony's Goods in our house because #AllWeDoIsDelicous! Click the pic to use our link (Thank you for using our link) to bring the same products into your kitchen that we rely on in ours!


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Physically going to the store to find grass-finished beef, no-hormone heritage pork, and/or organic chicken can be challenging. This is where ButcherBox changed our relationships to meats and gave us just what we wanted & needed!

With an "every-other-month" subscription, we finally found one of our favorite places to procure our meat proteins!

As a thank you to us 😉  Please get started with our link! You get a special offer and we build some credit! 


Crowd Cow

Once we fell in love with ButcherBox, we wanted even more. More cuts of meat, more protein options, more deliveries. Wild Caught seafood especially  Fish, Shrimp, & Lobster. This led us to Crowd Cow!

We subscribe to both (Crowd Cow & ButcherBox) and are able to get a variety of items from each subscription service on alternating months.

Please use our link to get started now...



Recommended Amazon Products

Lodge Handles:

Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Vinegar (3 pack):

Siete Grain-Free Taco Shells:

Relative Foods Cane Sugar:

DRY Vanilla Soda:

DRY Ginger Ale Soda:

I’m Free (GF Baking Powder):

Big Tree Coconut Aminos:

Ecover Zero (Dishwashing Liquid):

Ecover Zero (Dishwasher Tabs):

Hü Foods Chocolate Bars:

Enjoy Life Chocolate Mega Chunks:

Aleia’s Plain Bread Crumbs:

Imagine Free-Range Chicken Broth:

Imagine Vegetarian No-Chicken broth:

Amazon Happy Belly Brand Olive Oil:

La Tourangelle Avocado Oil:

Coleman Electric Cooler:

8” Cast Iron Skillet (With Lid & Handle Cover):

12” Cast Iron Skillet (With Lid & Handle Cover):

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (5 qt):

Kitchen Aid Sifter Attachment:

Other Products We Use

  • Absolute Green (multi-surface cleaner)

  • Dr. Bronner’s (body and hand soap)

  • Tampax Pure

  • Giovanni Hair & Body Care (shampoo & conditioner)

  • Desert Essence (shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste)

  • Manic Panic

  • Charlie’s Soap (laundry detergent)

  • J&R Essential (washer balls)

  • NuVur All Natural Wool Dryer Balls

  • Arm & Hammer Essentials (deodorant)

  • Standard Process (supplements)

  • NOW Foods (vitamins)

  • Maty’s Healthy Products (cough syrup)

  • Fisherman’s Friend (cough drops)

  • Utz Snacks (potato chips)

  • Siete Family Foods (taco shells, chips, wraps)

  • Tinkyada (gluten free pasta)

  • Jovial Foods (gluten free pasta)

  • Quinn Snacks (gluten free pretzels)

  • Lesser Evil Snacks

  • Bearitos (taco seasonings)

  • Absolutely Gluten Free (crackers)

  • Simple Mills (crackers, cookies)

  • Lotus Foods (rice & ramen)

  • Lundberg Family Farms (rice)

  • Simply Organic (spices)

  • Frontier Co-op (spices)

  • Nature’s Promise (spices, some other grocery items)

  • Aleia’s (plain bread crumbs)

  • Canyon Bakehouse (breads, buns)

  • Little Northern Bakehouse (breads, buns)

  • UnBun foods (buns)

  • Wholesome (sugars)

  • Coombs Family Farms (Maple sugar)

  • Bob’s Red Mill (flours, active dry yeast)

  • Carrington Farms (coconut oil)

  • Coconut Secret (vinegar, aminos)

  • Bragg (vinegar, oil)

  • Bionaturae (oil)

  • International Collection (sesame oil)

  • Smart Foods (Lombardi Avocado Oil)

  • Big Tree Farms (aminos)

  • Hain Pure Foods (Safflower Mayo)

  • Primal Kitchen (Avocado mayo)

  • Ba-Tempte (deli mustard)

  • Woodstock Foods (Organic Ketchup)

  • Earth Balance Soy-Free Butter Alternative

  • Elmhurse 1925 (dairy-free milk alternative)

  • Estrella (Daura Gluten Free beer)

  • Horman’s (pickles)

  • Good PlanEt (non-dairy cheese)

  • Vio Life (non-dairy cheese)

  • Myokos (non-dairy cheese)

  • Boar’s Head (deli meats & cheeses)

  • Applegate (Naturals & Organics)

  • Wholly Wholesome (Gluten Free premade pizza dough)

  • Against The Grain Gourmet (frozen pizzas, frozen breads)

  • Jones Dairy Farm (frozen maple sausage)

  • Cascadian Farms (frozen hash browns, frozen fruits)

  • GoMacro (food bars)

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